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Azienda Lisini has been in the Clementi-Lisini family since the sixteenth century. However, the azienda’s wines have only been produced commercially since 1967. Their solid reputation has been built under the guidance of Franco Bernabei, one of Italy’s leading oenologists. In the 1950s Elina Lisini took over the winery after her father died and took to running the winery with passion and tenacity, believing in the estate’s potential and initiating the very first bottling. Lisini was among the founding fathers of the first Brunello di Montalcino Consorzio in 1963, with Elina becoming one of its Presidents. Elini died in 2009 and today Carlo and Lorenzo (sons of Maria), and Lodovica (daughter of Alessandra) uphold the family tradition and continue Elini's great work.
The azienda spreads across 154ha, with around 20ha under vine. The vines are exceptionally well located in the hot, dry southern half of Montalcino just north of the village of Sant'Angelo in Colle and overlooking the Orcia Valley. Exposure to the Maremma sea air provides a microclimate, with very little rain or clouds. The vines also benefit from an average altitude of 350 metres - the optimum level for the cultivation of Sangiovese Grosso which is the only varietal that Lisini produce.
The azienda’s Brunello and flagship wine, the single-vineyard Ugolaia, are subject to high demand and are usually only available on allocation. Brunello shares with Barolo a dichotomy of styles: international, with the wine being raised in small new oak barrels, and traditional, with long ageing in botti. Lisini is firmly in the latter camp and makes wines that, even in a lighter year, can age gracefully for 10 years in bottle. 


The 20ha of vineyards are at an average elevation of 350 metres above sea level and open to the south, towards the Maremma area of Tuscany, making them drier and more ventilated than other locations that are more landlocked than Lisini.


Only Sangiovese is vinified. Fermentations take place in glass-lined cement tanks and all wines aged in large Slavonian oak casks.


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